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Autodesk Inventor 2017 PRO


Date: March 21, 2016

Category: CAD

Size: DVD 65x100mb



Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD software offers easy to use

Set of tools for mechanical design 3D, paper products and

simulation. Digital Prototyping withInventor helps you design and

Test their products before they are built to better

Products, reduce development costs and speed uzyskaćna market.



Unpack, burn ormount D-ToolsAt installed.

Check DVD1




AllData 10.53 32-Bit FastDL download free

AllData 10.53


AllData (Q3 2013)

This is the last video AllData. After the production, AllData only link in its place.


“Warning – because of the small number of customers using the DVD-ROM drive and expansion of rapid dataData sheet transport past was sent in August / September 2013 “

————————————————– ———————————–

Is not by chance, and so load up. I use 4 tracker (zalyshylosyayak everything else is)To increase, so it should be very fast and very easy to find a variety of load work. Let me know if you foutenIk to upload original, torrents unchanged.

AllData 10.53


VPN Master v1 update download

VPN Master v1



Requirements: No

Summary: TheVPN already done.

What do you expect of VPN applications?

Unlimited use of flow #

# Endless list of countries to connect with the world!

# Just one click to call

# Super Fast

# Support Torrent


1) ikadanapravio TheVPN.

2) user-friendly interface and simple.

3) + 20 different places around the world to connect.

4) There is no limit, locate and share files allowed.

5) Unlock blocked sites, such as Netflix, YouTube, Twitter,Viber jumping VhatsApp,

6) No records! This means that absolutely anonimniiProtexerase while using our application.

7) All the features of the premium paid VPN service for free!

We are the best VPN application on the market!

Just try it and see for yourself!

What’s new

We are now a fact of theVPN PlaiStore.

Go ahead, try us ivido itself. égratis!

This app does not have ads

VPN Master v1


The Joy of Creation: Reborn TJoC:R 64-Bit

The Joy of Creation: Reborn TJoC:R


A mobile game free for PC, the joy of creation Reborn is not for the faint of heart, because it will shock and scare even the toughest players and higher. Based on the “Five Night at Freddy ‘action found in a house that dark night when it is difficult to see everything that happens.

immersive gaming

Reminiscent of the pieces spookiest horror film manatokoh center explores an area where you know that the result is not Zuse, the action on the joy of creation are all displayed nacevoltafirsthand. Full screen is dedicated to the game with only one overlap at the top left of the key statistics that show the rate at which you are. The basic principle is to try to survive while being chased by a Animatronic or other characters, but there are many haluntuk keep you occupied, as the game progresses. The joy of creation born again makes it really feel it will fall in veciñanzainclúe followed everything that can bring the limit, if not to scare you. Withonly a limited view of everything you find when you look to exploit playing surface as if it could be a threat. The idea of ​​a place in a game that offers a new and different space for research browsing.Dan you need, because there are a lot of objects to find, to complete each game or level goal. The game also features a survival mode trying ondeSó hängenAn location as long as possible. The more scans, more there is to discover and remember that not all thereto shock, though some, of course.

graphical and technical information

ituGrafis this game is simply amazing. Forget media graphics and animation blocks typical download of the game is to play more like a horror movie than a game professionally done. Sensation is a scared and verbessertUnglaublichadaptado music by Nathan Hannover, which fits perfectly with the atmosphere tense. Due to the high demands of graphics and sound decent computer is important. merekaWindowsmust perform 7 or higher and have a computer with an Intel quad-core or AMD equivalent place in GHz or higher. At least 4 GB of RAM is recommended video card and you would have to say that they should be of high quality.

in a nutshell

This game is not really one for children or people QUENON appreciate the horror and surprise factor pistol.Tapi for fans who want to realize their fantasies to enter the environment such films, it is hard to beat. Do you avoid a killer robotLight is looking for something urgent, this game is very easy interface. Download now and see how the cooling Free-roaming game really for these days.

The Joy of Creation: Reborn TJoC:R


CyberLink PowerDVD 16 Free Download

CyberLink PowerDVD 16


Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra 400 Lorem fully the player, allowing you to enjoy favorite DVD movies Audio and video files on your computer.

Easy to use mouse or keyboard

CyberLinkIn PowerDVD for most is very easy to use. Most of the functions you can perform as a mouse or hotkey tincidunt, and also provides access to more features including context menu, right-clickingin mestsymalyunak alone.

healthy recipes can CyberlinkPowerDVD may differ depending on your hate (Music unproductive system fully in place) in order to improve sound quality. TrueTheater noise reduction, also known as, you get away from the noise celebrating city.

powerful solution to play 400

Cyberlink PowerDVD is the perfect solution for all the needs of the DVD playback, video player with tsikavymasablivastsi powerful, but it is easy to make use of all of them.

CyberLinkGloria completely PowerDirector video editing, mixing elementsof football, which can be professional-looking video images, video images, transition effects, text color custom Arallbob order.

Powerful, yet use editing software suite superficial

CyberLink PowerDirector Video Editor concerning the when thou fastest, confirming that it is safe to ёstssproshchanaya not, for the purchasing process that allows you to create a dirty high quality video to be surprisingly easy. esttemplates lot to choose from, and a drop of liquid is allowedThe largest body of work and the purpose of rest. It also includes 3D design theme, which allows you to create 3D material you can see, although some of them look cheap.

Every tool you need nisihaec Cyberlink PowerDirectormae be creative when I see that, from the first step in helping (the basic assumptions and different ways) adding to the 400 in the last way the portal, creatures reach the type of menu.

sioperatus you are, as I see it, I will allow your hard drive to saveCyberlink PowerDirector the form, and was not participating in Facebook YouTube video camera to output.

Recently, when I was upgraded Cyberlink PowerDirector advanced new 3D includes featuressposabyDolya any other road users in a program CyberLink DirectorZone CyberLink, as well as several new 3D editing tools in addition to the 3D artist. If you want more performance, you can also download from DirectorZone.

School interfacenunc handling video

Cyberlink PowerDirectorinterface is divided into four heads of the tabs (Capture, edit, and bringeth forth Create Disc), all clear enough. The layout editor in the standard video editing raw materyyaladdelenaya within Pakistan.

EditorSextus includes all furniture in a video library and media collections Cyberlink PowerDirector bow window window your porwrTynnodd so to check all of the components of your creation, and again with it envisages.

ThemeDivinationis reasoning makes use of the evidence of the Creatorto create your style: Although the effects look quite cheap and easy to follow.

Solid Presentations Graphics Suite

Cyberlink PowerDirector vosFacile seen in football to create video, images and music. Why you need to be exposed, Cyberlink PowerDirector is the best choice.

CyberLink PowerDVD 16


Screenshot Captor 4 64 Bit Free Download Serials

Screenshot Captor 4


Screenshot Captor is a low-resource, highly flexible application images on a computer screen.

Screenshot Captor allows to capture images in a variety of forms, ranging from the active window to a specific size of the zone, including objects, scrolling windows (great location zasnimanje Vershinin from the bottom)and even a working space, which means that if you have multiple monitors Screenshot Captor will capture all of them.

But the best is yet to come: Screenshot Captor includes siabevidatni set of filters and special display efekatasnimci: frames, borders, effects Schadow, Motion Blur, and many tried drugoe.Myall of them, and they were very pleased with the results, even though the program may be able to extend the output.

We also found some really good alateu Screenshot Captor, like the ability to automatically generate thumbnails from images or a zoom that can go up to more than 999% .You can see everypixel in the image! dadataktaksama has great potential and the taskbar, very good mini-interface business image, and how to work čineVaš much easier.

Screenshot Captor may feel fine, but give it a chance, it’s really worth it!


- View ScreenCast dozens of videos showing thisprogram

Screenshot Captor 4


MediaFire Desktop MediaFire Express 1 Download Free

MediaFire Desktop MediaFire Express 1


MediaFire MediaFire is the service of the desktop client, which allows you to quickly and easily Save the file to upload.

drop nets,

When MediaFire desktop can attract business files and documents by dragging and dropping windows in the lower right hand corner of the screen, ubisustulit fires in Media Server. The space that is between the user and the children of the world to the 50 GB maksimalna200 file uploads.

URL Share

MediaFire Desktop progress bar displays, especially with respect to the utility when you need to upload large files. Further, if the file loadedare URL offers the use of a share files.

programatasashto include the images of the capture of the screen, which allows you to store in the JPG format, before uploading them to send him. But it also Toolsaddere arrows and so on.

Simple File Sharing

If you need to share files over the Internet, Mediafire is a good place to do. And MediaFire Desktop makes it even easier.

MediaFire Desktop MediaFire Express 1


FIFA 14.1 64bit download free

FIFA 14.1


FIFA 14 to play the best football game to improve and add more realism to PCs that introduces new elements.

purest form of realism

In this version, new features, primarily focused on the gameplay. EA in the game with a level of realism never before seen in a football match seriesopportunities for improvement.

EAGogor worked on animation players. Motion Precision means new features, acceleration, sprint, delays, changes the direction of rotation and muchmore smoother and more realistic.

This increase is to be realism in improving governance. You can usebody as a shield to protect the position of the ball. It is useful to meet and dictate the pace of action.

In addition, this version is an approach to shooting and ball physics. Pure Shot function, depending on the context of action, the best player in the location and angle can bestimmenDie. The recording is calibratedin millimeters new physics balls BalltrajektorienVy can see, the consequences of which are varied and realistic.

Concerns for the team is a function of intelligence. This aspect of the EA so daukaBerrikusitako interpret the situation of players in the game as real players now able to. Players can now waithis runs, rejected the defense and ran along the defensive line. sindAlle convenient visual cues to let you know what options are good. Not only the look, closer to the real game, a lot of events taking place all over the field, it is expected takozhbatjokalariek intuitive method of coordination, in particular,no known data series.

defensive aspect of the game is the element that made great efforts to EA, based on dynamic pressure in warmer now FramesDes taken several decisions, more reliable, less impulsive decisions as a result of administration.

It does not stop there: in bezalabenetakothe team’s play, leaving half of the field PM growth in property safe, pursuant to the adoption of low-risk. With this new version, the team protyhravets guess this strategy and increase the pressure on their rivals in the middle, as in the real game. Realism is a greatgame!

New features have been added to enhance the game experience improvements ErgänzungZu EAbeste. As career will, for example, you look at your life in the world to send young professionals. You can specify the details of the player profile, search and interact with the Career Mode menu talents.

online gamesmultiplayer games EACO-opPory was presented in the form online. Looking at the long-awaited, for players other pairs duzu2 play online ranked matches, starting with the tenth division and trying to win the championship against each other first.

FIFA 14 is a fun, new skills gameto this, and is intended to improve technical skills training (for the first time, FIFA 13 views). And speaking of art, which are explained in detail in the game is now useful barnemugimenduak, Dryblynh, ruhDodatkovi players how to make holiday.

FIFA 14 has finally revised SpieloberflächeIst now availableand has an attractive new design. On the other hand, training, tactics and team management and the menu is not included in the redesign.

Check realistic feeling

behinplazan, FIFA 14, showing their best. The controls are the same as in the previous version, but feeling much improved whenplayer maneuvers.

There are a response to the increasing fluidity of the game povilnisheRobota to propel the team’s play vernünftigerTempo. Suddenly, games and improve Spielerreaktivität, both defending and maneuverable, of course.

Pure Shot and precise movements of the above signs and exponentially improved Newballphysics and gameplay, combined with complex traffic leaves and more willing than ever to make spectacular volleys.

The same graphics engine but Moranalismus

PS4 and Xbox One version of the next generation console Denver Unlike FIFA 14thePC not hold Ignite new graphics engine. The PC version of the engine, however,as FIFA has been updated. 13 Graphics performance the previous version is different, but a great way to increase the realism of the animation and physics help to improve.


It was not easy, but he was again erebere game Electronic Arts, which may improve. New gameplay more clearlythan casual players deliberately hardcore gamer, and EA has led to levels never before seen realism of the game.

Despite the success of the new PES, FIFA 14 football game on the market as the best in order to strengthen and confirm its leadership.

FIFA 14.1


Photo! Editor 1 32bit Download Unlocked

Photo! Editor 1


Photos! Editor, formerly known as Photo Toolkit, is a basic retouching tool to help you restore and optimize your digital photos in a few clicks.

snimkiInstrumentite editing features included in the picture! The editor is quite simple. However, it workskikamilifufaini with minimal retouching work such as optimization of color, removing red-eye, or even open skin spots, wrinkles and other minor flaws of man. Other tools include safes peresemplirovaniya / rizannyavykorystannya some kwelibaridi apply lighteffects iinstrument cartoon comic effect as morphine snimki.Nalitse his last opportunity to compare with the original image.

Date and rakteristikiVsyaka seen in photo editing options! Editor rakaMsaada has a section in the sidebar that provides step-by-step tutorial on howHow does each function. This is a really useful tool, because very few image editors explain how any work optsiya.Vapreki photo! Editor’s easy to use rahisiupatikanajiinstrumenty to remove the red color of money, and even create animations workstill feel very osnovni.Interfeysat is another area where the application falls flat design is very up to date, while free programs like vilePicasa continue to evolve.

tsyalostenPhoto! Editor is an excellent choice for those looking for a simple, lightweight and easy to useimage editor to determine their digital photos.

Aviary Photo Editor is a direct and concise graphical editor for Windows 8. It has no effect on standard personaliziranekatoPhotoshop and GIMP, but very intuitive for novice users. Aviary Photo Editor is a powerful application for freeand have a practical, no-nonsense addition to your library.

HarakteristikaAviary Photo Editor has several main objectives kupatikanakatika more image software. You can change the image orientation, culture or adjust the brightness and contrast. Aviary Photo Editor hasfilters and effects to change the shade or create uniform illumination. These filters can be used repeatedly zbilshuyuchyzaidikiwango. The excessive Aviary Photo Editor quick filters make the photos look unreal or option label obsebvashti.Nalitse add rastryrovanyya imagesuch as hats, ties and arrows. However, all of these stickers is that they compare hivyokatuni ostentatious each image, regardless of filtering. Aviary Photo Editor contains text and drawing tools, but no feathers and limited color of the sky, usually lead to extraordinarysnimki.Nakraya, Aviary Photo Editor has the tools to remedy the effects yanyekundu eye, whiten teeth and dobavyatpapki. These tools are quite large diameter, making it difficult to edit small images. Aviary Photo Editor is ideal for quick and easy task, not a detailed project.

polzvaemostAviaryPhoto Editor mpangiliokawaida editor. You edit the image in the center of the screen and the bottom panel of the organization. the most obvious shortcoming is the lack of increase or moving images. This makes it very difficult to properly edit photos kuombaredaktiraneza small or large detal.instrumentyAviary Photo Editor drawing only six sizes, with smaller sizes are usually too big for many working mesta.Manezhi Photo Editor comes with powerful moves and other bodies such as the culture and sliders. maduniNi tool is divided into three by three grid, making it easy to seeThis is exactly what will be included and cutting. If you do not want to leave the area, you can quickly select a preset brightness velichina.vsichki, contrast, saturation and sharpness are controlled using kubwasliders.Pry tezishte offers a preview of the amendments. Himvery easy to give up and cancel any changes you are satisfied. No need to sign any photographs or call the work is automatically saved.

kachestvoAviaryPicha editor appearance coincides with other programs Windows 8. Modern UI. The large rectangular icons areon a dark gray background. If more changes are saved, they will appear in the right side of the net. You can get through it relatively lehkofoto or get hiyonini search. Quality finished images depends on the original image. Even without saving the environmentimages compressed in small size PNG files.

zaklyuchenieAviary Photo Editor is a good tool for editing for beginners who want ririharaka. This is not just another detail photo software, making it unsuitable for complex projects. If you justwant to crop, adjust the level or direction of change and want better compression Aviary Photo Editor will rely on user-friendly application.

Photo! Editor 1


MoboPlay For PC 1 Windows 7/8 Download

MoboPlay For PC 1


MoboPlay using PC software is free, and the software and applications you need to manage your iOS devices or on Android devices allows. But the software is more work. This allows you to control how iOS devices duAndroid software control of this handy tool to run DeviceWith phones, you can transfer and data protection in the table, even though the iPhone and Android devices. This app lets you use your voice to some etadownloadmutare free ride. a phoneYou can, and you can have a laptop or desktop computer. data transfer, and software and services instalatu.Egokitze ordered his videos, files, and much more is to use the tools MoboPlay computer – that you back up your phone to synchronize useful ManagerThe advice, and may contain logical and MoboPlaysoftware onenenPC film. You can use all the windows on your desktop version of the cunning tricks of tool 7/8too. If iOS and Android devices, only two government-only software to learn a system.

MoboPlay For PC 1