LEGO Worlds 1


LEGO Worlds is an adventure game for the PC. And to do so in a way that she could only haveeasilybeen called LEGO Minecraft.

Not a move not expected

Worlds LEGO Minecraft took the essence series adds to the LEGO universe. Actually, based on how Mincraft inspired LEGO (albeit in digital format), you can see this as a close circle.

setiapLego Worlds start in randomly generated environments. When nonhai special purpose, butit does not prevent you can find LEGO pieces and use them to build prefabricated projects, such as medieval castles, spaceships, and so on. Basically, bring their toys to life in their virtual world.

He was taken to explore each environment thanks to various world each virtual LEGO. Being adventurous there is a reward, every virtual world currency hide various protected chest – coins that allow you to membelilebih many things to build.


In some cases it can use weapons. What for? Well, Lego Worlds full of characters and animals of all kinds: Vampire, horses, pigs, there are probably going to see will be more enjoyable than others.

graphics, Worlds Lego is much more detailed than the default Minecraft. Effects such as reflections, shadows and lights covering every area, and it looks great. In addition, there is a cycle of day / night; funny, meskipunporquenacer and sunsets look great.

now the worldLEGO is very incomplete. You can explore, build, driving, walking pets, and open up more structures. But much remains to be done before it ends – with multiple, more environments, the ability to share your creations online, better tools, and adjustment of all the characters are still needed.

A work in progress

Lego Worlds worth downloading at this time? It depends. konsepini require representation Minecraft then indeed – but necessarykeep in mind that if you pay for a demo. If you are after a complete game is full, you have to wait longer.

LEGO Worlds 1