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Origin 9.12 64-Bit

Origin 9.12


Origin is the new name of EA Download Manager, a simple application to download and play games from Electronic Arts.

If you prefer digital copies of games instead of selling out to go to the store, you can download this program for Electronic Arts speletjies.Afgesien of managing your premiumDownloads, start Origin and decryption of games run the installer and make it known. If the game with DRMlitsenz (DigitalRights Management) is required, it will be acquired by Genesis.

As well as downloading games, this program can also keep up with patches and updateiyong games, so it is always up to date. It is worth noting that not downloaded the game can not move without origin, such as DRM system requires it to run. 2011 Battlefield 3 is released only from the computer.

Source perfect managerfor download, bagamatito is obviously limited to EA games. Time will tell whether or not it meedingStoom.

Origin 9.12

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